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Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' Heather Grey T-shirt

Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' Heather Grey T-shirt
Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' Heather Grey T-shirt

Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' Heather Grey T-shirt

£19.99    Size Guide

Superb 3 colour silk screen image of enigmatic, bike loving legend T.E Lawrence on his prized Brough Superior SS100. Better known as Lawrence of Arabia through his WW1 role in the Arabian lands and his great writings than for his contribution to motorcycle safety. His ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ is said to rank amongst the best books ever written in the English language. Khaki version also available in smaller sizes.

  • The 1000cc Brough Superior SS100 was legitimately advertised – and widely regarded – as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of motorcycles in the 1920s and 1930s
  • All Brough Superior SS100s were hand built and came with a guarantee that they were capable of 100mph
  • T.E. Lawrence CB, DSO (aka Lawrence of Arabia) owned seven Brough Superiors during his lifetime (an eighth was on order at time of his death)
  • Small @ 7.5cm 'Legends' logo on rear of T-Shirt, centred below neckline.

And some rather more colourful, esoteric little snippets for the real enthusiast …

  • The Brough Superior design was constantly evolving because manufacturer George Brough knew a thing or two about customer service back in the 1920s – and encouraged owners to put forward suggestions for improvements
  • George Brough was originally involved in the ‘Brough’ family business. Following a disagreement about the direction of the business, he left and set up as ‘Brough Superior’ to produce his ‘superior’ product
  • It was Lawrence’s death at the age of 46, from head injuries incurred in a motorcycle accident in Dorset, which led to the initial introduction of crash helmets for motorcyclists. This came about when Hugh Cairns, the neurosurgeon who treated Lawrence after the accident (in 1935) recommended that they be mandatory for WWII army dispatch riders. When the order for a regulation for all motorcyclists to wear helmets was debated in the House of Commons thirty years later, in April 1973, many MPs regarded it as a gross infringement of personal liberty. Nonetheless, it came into force in June of that year
  •  3XL and 4XL as requested by LOAs BIGGEST fans
  • Featuring image of Lawrence of Arabia aboard his Brough Superior
  • 97% cotton, 3% polyester – fine gauge, extra soft Belcoro® yarn (165gm/m2)
  • Great to wear – with features like taped neckline for extra comfort
  • Beautifully finished with twin needle stitching detail
  • Highly durable, great shape retention and machine washable at 40°