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Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' on a khaki T-shirt

Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' on a khaki T-shirt
Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' on a khaki T-shirt
Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' on a khaki T-shirt
Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' on a khaki T-shirt

Lawrence of Arabia on his beloved 'Brough' on a khaki T-shirt

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100% cotton, khaki T-Shirt featuring enigmatic, bike loving legend T.E Lawrence on his prized Brough Superior SS100. Commemorating just over a century since his influential and inspiring role in orchestrating and mobilised Arab Forces against the Ottoman/Turks in the Middle East during WW1. A passionate biker he derived much pleasure riding his Brough Superior, particularly after the ravages of war. Additionally we now have the same design in a Sweater and Hoody too.  Larger T-Shirt sizes in 3XL and 4XL in Heather Grey too – click here to view.

The plain facts:
The 1000cc Brough Superior SS100 he rides on our T-Shirt was legitimately advertised – and widely regarded – as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of motorcycles in the late 1920s
  • All Brough Superior SS100s were hand built to customer specification and came with a guarantee that they were capable of 100mph
  • July 1917: Lawrence and arab forces took the strategically important Red Sea port of Akaba – by stealth, with minimum loss of life
  • Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia) is known for his role in WW1 and his great writings. His ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ a Triumph is said to rank amongst the best books ever written in the English language
  • T.E. Lawrence CB, DSO owned seven Brough Superiors during his lifetime (an eighth was on order at time of his death)
  • Please note: Medium, Large, XL & XXL has image on the front (small has text below the image)
  • Also available in Olive Sweater and Heather Grey Hoody

And some rather more colourful, esoteric little snippets for the real enthusiast …

  • The Brough Superior design was constantly evolving because manufacturer George Brough knew a thing or two about customer service back in the 1920s – and encouraged owners to put forward suggestions for improvements
  • George Brough was originally involved in the ‘Brough’ family business. Following a disagreement about the direction of the business, he left and set up as ‘Brough Superior’ to produce his ‘superior’ product
  • It was Lawrence’s death at the age of 46 (in 1935), from head injuries incurred in a motorcycle accident in Dorset. Hugh Cairns, the Australian neurosurgeon who treated Lawrence after the accident was profoundly affected by the needless loss motorcyclists lives
  •  LOAs death was a catalyst for research on the use of helmets for motorcyclists. Cairns study led to the initial introduction of crash helmets and became mandatory for WWII dispatch riders saving countless lives
  • T-Shirt image featuring Thomas Edward Lawrence CB DSO aboard his Brough Superior SS100 (he had names for them all – this one is called George V)
  • 100% cotton – fine gauge, extra soft Belcoro® yarn (165gm/m2)
  • Great to wear – with features like taped neckline for extra comfort
  • Beautifully finished with twin needle stitching detail
  • Highly durable, great shape retention and machine washable at 40°
  • Only Small size has wording 'T.E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) on his Brough Superior SS100' under image